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2 day seminar
"Trade the Open like a boss!"

April 21-22, 2018

West Palm Beach
Residence Inn West Palm Beach

1 day of live trading
with Oliver L. Velez

April 23, 2018

West Palm Beach
Residence Inn West Palm Beach

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Hear directly from traders

Want an inside look? Take a minute to listen to the feedback and insight from students of Mr. Velez recent Medellin Trade the Open Like a Boss event!

The Boss Story!
For well over a decade, Oliver Velez, one of the most celebrated professional traders of our time, has espoused the idea that it is not only possible to make a living trading the financial markets, he promoted the idea that it could be done in less than 30-minutes a day. To demonstrate this, Oliver traded every single day of the year 2015 for 30-minutes or less and posted his results for all to see, daily, on all the social media networks. He recorded many of those trading sessions live and the results were astounding, making his Trade The Open Like a Boss! YouTube videos series one of the most popular trading series on the internet.

The Trade The Open Like A Boss! Seminar ($2,995)
Now, one year later, Oliver Velez is ready to take the next step with those who want to embark on this journey of professional trading, by personally teaching them how to Trade The Open Like A Boss! In this 2-day, in-person seminar, Oliver will personally teach you everything you need to know to pull consistent gains from the market right from the opening bell. You will learn each one of the trading tactics he’s designed for this style of trading. You’ll learn in detail every execution technique he uses to position himself for the best odds of success and just as importantly, you’ll learn his famous pyramiding approach to scientifically entering and exiting each of your trading positions. Trade and risk management is especially focused on by Oliver Velez and each trader will emerge from the experience knowing and playing the market at the same level that professional market makers do. “Give me two days of your life,” says Oliver Velez, “and your trading life will never be the same.”

The Trade The Open Like A Boss! Full-Program ($4,995)
In addition to the full 2-day seminar, for those who want the full immersive experience, there is the full program level which also includes six full months of live trading and personal mentoring with Oliver Velez himself. At the “Program” Level you will get:

2-day Live, In-Person Seminar complete with color manual
25 Live Trading Sessions with Oliver Velez over a six month period
6 Group Study Sessions to monitor and review your progress
Trade with up to $500,000 & 40% profit payout
Instant, Direct-Access to Oliver Velez during each day
Private Membership to Oliver’s Trade Like A Boss! Facebook Group
A Killer Trading Plan designed by Oliver Velez specially for you
Access to his Institutional Commission Rates
Access to his Institutional Leverage
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The Trade The Open Like A Boss! FULL-Program
+ 1 day of live trading with Oliver L. Velez ($5,995)

IN this special event limited to a maximum of ten traders, you will have the rare opportunity to trade side by side in person with Oliver Velez himself during the trading day. you'll move from Method and theory to the hands-on application of tactics & strategies taught in the trade the open like a boss! seminar live in person with oliver velez. IN addition to the full program benefits, At the “LIVE TRADING” Level you will also get:

1-day In-Person hands-on live trading lab with oliver velez
Instant, Direct-Access to Oliver Velez during each day
first-hand live interaction with a trading ledgend
This event presents the truest form of Oliver's daily lifestyle. Expience it first-hand

FIRST 3 SIGN UPS receive
up to $1000 discount*
(*full-program only, does not apply to 2-day seminar)


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